A great article explaining the necessity of teaching your children about finances.

As parents, we understand the importance of talking to our children about sex and drugs. We get them involved in sports early to teach them the value of teamwork and physical health. Yet how often do we discuss budgeting, compound interest or debt management? When it comes to finances, we don’t want to stress them out, think talking about money is rude, or feel they don’t need to understand finance until they are older. Yet every step our kids take from college through retirement will be directly influenced by their ability to manage their finances: student loans, credit cards, jobs, mortgages, savings, etc. Some schools teach personal finances, but a financial literacy test given by the National Financial Educator’s Council found that test-takers from 15-18 years old scored an average of only 59.6%. So it’s up to the parents to make sure our children have a financial education before going out to the real world, where they will make financial decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Of course, no child big or small will respond well or retain a sit down lecture on finances, so you have to sneak in the education; make it fun, interactive and relevant. The more you integrate finances and money into their everyday life, the more comfortable they will be with personal finance as adults.

Read Article:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizfrazierpeck/2017/06/28/how-to-teach-your-children-about-finances-at-any-age/?ss=personalfinance#2311bb46b2fe